FDNY responds to sounds of ‘booms and shakes,’ power outages on New York’s Roosevelt Island

Jan 2, 2024 | Political News

Firefighters and emergency response teams are responding to reports of small explosions on New York City's Roosevelt Island. 

Just before 6 am Tuesday, residents on the island in the East River reported what they said sounded like explosions coming from Roosevelt Island and surrounding areas, according to local reports

Power outages occured afterwards and many residents, while sleeping, were jolted awake by the loud noise. No injuries have yet been reported.

Emergency responders have “reported feeling vibrations” on Roosevelt Island, in Manhattan, and Queens, according to the Daily Mail. Residents as far away as Astoria also woke up from the noise.

FDNY IS investigating the location of what one resident called “booms and shakes.” Firefighters have been “trying to find the source” looking into possible manhole fires under the city. 

The firefighters turned over the scene to Con Edison, a local power company, after declaring it safe.

This is a developing story.