FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf says “regulation” is needed to target “misinformation”

Apr 13, 2023 | Political News

In an interview with CNBC, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said that online misinformation was harming the life expectancy of people, there is a need for “better regulation” on how to handle health misinformation and that “specific authorities at FDA, FTC, and other areas are going to be needed.”

“We know more and more about misinformation. It relates back to this life expectancy,” Califf said. Why aren't we using knowledge of diet? It's not that people don't know about it. Why aren't we using medical products as effectively and efficiently as our peer countries? A lot of it has to do with choices that people make because of the things that influence their thinking. The COVID vaccines and the antivirals give us an easy way to talk about it, but this is not limited to those areas. In heart disease, so many people don't take their medicines, even though they're now generic and very low-cost, often [they're] deluded into taking things that are sold over the Internet that aren't effective.”

According to the FDA commissioner, one of the solutions is telling the “truth is a louder volume.”