Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are back online following a 1.5hrs outage that left users worldwide unable to access Meta’s social media platforms

Mar 5, 2024 | Political News

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are back online following a 1.5-hour outage that left users worldwide unable to access Meta’s social media platforms. 

Angry users found themselves suddenly booted out of their accounts, making them think they'd been hacked and their personal details stolen. 

The issues appeared around 10:20am ET (3:20pm GMT) and impacted both apps and websites – although Meta's WhatsApp was unaffected.

Along with the US, the outage reached the UK, parts of Europe, China, Australia and Mexico – leading to Meta's stock price falling

Users flooded to X (Twitter) to complain about the outage and share memes, to the delight of owner Elon Musk