‘Experts’ claim Covid lockdowns to blame for nationwide Gaza Camp protests

Apr 28, 2024 | Political News

Experts have claimed the Gaza Camps set up on college campuses around the country are connected to the government-forced lockdowns for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In an interview with the New York Post, Psychologist Jennifer Gittleman told the outlet, “The protesters may feel angry for the pandemic taking away pivotal, highly anticipated experiences for them.” She continued, “For example socialization in college and missing graduations and, thus, they are using protesting as a way to release their anger.”

Forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman echoed that sentiment and told the outlet that the pro-Palestine cause has allowed the youth to express “long-withheld rage” and that It gives them an “opportunity to identify with the ‘oppressed’ against ‘oppressors.'”

Pro-Palestine protests have long claimed that Israel has oppressed the Palestinians, and have used chants like “From the River to the sea Palestine will be free” to engraine that message.

Lieberman noted that many of the protesters don't fully understand what they are supporting but are following along because the promoters “offer an escape from this confusion, by promoting a direction they claim will lead to happiness and purpose.”

“The worst example of ignorance is that the protesters do not know that terrorists want global jihad, not just to destroy Israel,” she said, adding that many don't recognize what the chants themselves mean.

With many of the protesters wearing COVID-19 pandemic-era masks, some have speculated that they are using them to not only shield their identity but also that they still fear getting the virus itself.

A spokesman for the March on the DNC 2024, Olan Mijana, said, “To us, the optics are communicating that we deny the Biden administration’s narrative about COVID — that it’s no longer a big deal.”

“It’s about collective safety, and it’s also about connecting this COVID neglect to the very issues that we’re marching on the DNC for,” he added.

Gaza Camps have popped up on university campuses across the country in the last few weeks, with protesters demanding the schools divest from organizations with ties to Israel. Some videos of protesters have shown many of them not being able to explain why they are protesting or wishing they were “more educated.”