‘Expert’ claims sex is non-binary as BC nurse fights to retain job after saying women are not men

Oct 23, 2022 | Political News

Last month, on day three of the eleven-day disciplinary hearing of Canadian nurse Amy Hamm who is under investigation for allegedly transphobic off-duty activity, Dr. Greta Bauer was called as an expert witness by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM).

As part of the full day of questioning, Bauer was asked to comment on the position statement of the Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights (caWsbar) group, of which Hamm is a co-founder. It was during this part of the questioning that Bauer made some interesting statements, such as “we can’t say that there are only two sexes” and suggested that some men cease to be male as they age while some women who give birth to male babies cease to be female.