EXCLUSIVE: Hamas supporter ‘tool kit’ reveals coordinated effort behind campus anti-Israel protests

Nov 2, 2023 | Political News

Near identical pro-Hamas rallies have sprung up on college campuses and in cities across the US leaving many to question who is behind the seemingly organized effort.

Within Our Lifetime (WOL), a pro-terror activist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel, published a “tool kit” for terrorist supporters to plan and execute the rallies.

The Post Millennial obtained a copy of the tool kit which states, “In recent days, the Palestinian people have launched an operation dubbed ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ that has shaken the foundations of the zionist state and inspired the world that liberation is possible and its hour is near.”

“It is more important than ever that Palestinian formations and our allies in the United States and elsewhere are fully prepared for the days to come. This toolkit will assist your organization in the logistical and political elements of organizing a demonstration to defend the Palestinian people,” it reads.

According to WOL, “This toolkit is the product of nearly a decade of hands-on practice, experience and lessons that we have learned from our time organizing in NYC. While conditions differ in the places where we organize, this toolkit is a roadmap for how your organization or coalition can put on a successful rally and build the movement for Palestine from wherever you are.”

The terrorist-supporting organization provided flyer templates showing Hamas militants celebrating on top of an Israeli tank during the massacre of over 1,400 Israelis on Oct 7. The organization recommended, “Download this basic flyer and add the relevant information like time, place, location, and sponsoring organizations,” and to “Check back at this page in the coming days for updated information, graphics, and recommendations.”

The tool kit even provided a list of chants calling for the genocide of Jews. WOL featured chants such as: “From New York to Gaza Globalize the Intifada!” “There is only one solution! Intifada revolution!” and “Resistance is justified when people are colonized!”

“Intifada,” translates from Arabic as “uprising” or “insurrection.”

WOL launched “Globalize the Intifada” In 2021, “a new action framework that adopts the Palestinian uprising ‘Intifada’ against the Israeli occupation as a model of resistance for oppressed people worldwide.”

During the second Intifada against the Jewish state, there were over 120 suicide bombings targeting civilians.

According to Canary Mission, WOL promotes Palestinian resistance “by any means necessary,” and calls to “Globalize the Intifada,” spreads incitement, and supports terrorists.

Violence and physical confrontations typically accompany WOL rallies in New York City, where the group is based.

The group also promotes the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

In the “Logistics” section, aside from sharing the event on social media, the organization recommended activists “Contact legal observers (legal organizations like National Lawyers Guild provide legal observing to rallies across the US.”

The logistics also included a media strategy and suggested terrorist sympathizers “Create a security plan for those that attend the rally to ensure their safety, particularly from Zionist disruptors.”

The organization also recommended that activists “Be prepared to do jail support in case any protesters are arrested.”

The group specifically called out weaponizing college students as well as local Palestinian communities.

The rallies typically ally with anti-police, BLM, and Antifa radicals in a given area. The tool kit’s “Security Recommendations” push an anti-cop narrative, recommend activists have their own security team, and suggest ways to control the media.

The group recommended, “Do Not Talk to The Police! Have an assigned police negotiator who is the sole person talking to the police,” and “Do not record, post, or talk freely about anything that could get anyone in legal trouble.”

WOL also suggests that terrorist supporters should “Cover your face if you do not want to be identified,” and “Find your local National Lawyer’s Guild chapter and write their phone number down on your arm in case you’re arrested.”
The group even provided a playlist of “Palestinian resistance songs.”

WOL idolizes convicted terrorists such as Leila Khaled, who participated in the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 in 1969 and El Al Flight 219 in 1970 as well as Rasmea Odeh who organized a supermarket bombing that killed two college students and attempted to bomb the British consulate in Jerusalem.

The group has stated, “We defend the right of Palestinians as colonized people to resist the zionist occupation by any means necessary… “

According to Canary Mission, though WOL claims to be “entirely funded by grassroots donations,” the group isn't registered in any US state as a nonprofit organization. Nor is there any listing for WOL under its name on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website for tax-exempt organizations.