EXCLUSIVE: Dem Washington State AG tells students experiencing on-campus harassment to call non-existent hate crime hotline

May 6, 2024 | Political News

Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson addressed complaints from students who felt they were harassed on the University of Washington campus to call a nonexistent hate crimes hotline.

Ferguson spokesperson Brionna Aho was asked by the The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI if the AG's office would respond to concerns from Jewish students on the UW campus and in response she sent a link to a hate crimes hotline— but the hotline doesn't go live until July 2025.

Aho did not respond when asked what the students were supposed to do in the meantime since the hotline is not active and likely won't be for over a year.

The creation of the hotline was mad law via Senate Bill 5427, which passed the Democratic-controlled State House. It read that the attorney general's office “shall oversee a hate crimes and bias incidents hotline staffed during business hours and dedicated to assisting people who have been targeted or affected by hate crimes and bias incidents.”

The hotline is intended to “identify local service providers and culturally specific services” to assist “historically underserved communities,” and create an advisory committee with “diverse and inclusive representation” to provide support. A majority of Republicans opposed the bill.

A 2023 version of the bill included a provision for $2,000 in compensation “…per person targeted or affected by a specific hate crime or bias incident.”

However, according to the bill and the AG's website, “the Attorney General's Office will develop and test a pilot hotline to assist Washingtonians in at least three counties by July 1, 2025. By Jan. 1, 2027, the hotline must be active statewide.

Ferguson, who is running for governor, has failed to publicly address the dozens of antisemitic incidents that have plagued the Evergreen State's Jewish community since the Hamas terrorist attacks of Oct. 7.

Last week, following multiple antisemitic incidents at UW and no action from the university, activists created a Gaza camp, which they called a “Liberated Zone,” on the Quad. It bears striking similarities to those on other schools across the US.

The “Little Gaza” encampment was barely noticeable for 2 days until over 150 activists, mostly outside agitators including Antifa activists, who are not students, joined activists on campus. The encampment now has over 120 tents.

Jews on campus have been harassed and blocked from walking on campus, Israeli flags have been stolen and destroyed, antisemitic slurs were used against Jewish students, buildings were vandalized with antisemitic and anti-cop graffiti, and vigils and rallies were held for terrorists. Ferguson's answer is that these students should wait until sometime next year to ask his office for help.