Election Integrity Patriot “Doxxed And Castigated” In Public By Williamson County Election Commissioner

Oct 24, 2022 | Political News

During the Williamson County Election Commission meeting on October 18th, former Chair and recently reinstated Commissioner Robert D. “Bob” Brown conducted a mock trial to dispute election integrity concerns raised by Kathleen Harms in a recent interview with The Tennessee Conservative.

Working alongside statisticians, IT specialists, cyber security experts, and legislators, Harms discovered that, despite good intentions, the current voting systems in Tennessee contain significant vulnerabilities. Much of the evidence was presented in the interview.

Harms tells us that she was unaware she was being “doxxed and castigated” publicly by an “unelected bureaucrat,” all with FOX News cameras rolling.

She tells us that Brown, a Republican,  was “clearly irritated” by The Tennessee Conservative Interview.