Down the Fascist Rabbit Hole

May 1, 2024 | Political News

Let’s clear the air, shall we?

Let’s, together, disabuse ourselves of some popular notions – often promulgated by those we trust most – that are leading us down a Rabbit Hole from which will, if we are not resolute and adamantly resistant, lead us ineluctably to our own demise. 

By “our own demise,” I do not necessarily mean the mortal cessation of our corporal entities, either individually or collectively. Though that could well happen to a greater or lesser extent to those who choose to physically, or even emotively, resist the burgeoning oppression now upon us. 

No, by “our own demise,” I most emphatically mean the total and utter eradication of the United States of America as the vast majority of us have known and loved it. I mean an end to even the vague semblance of real democracy and the brutal cessation of any, all, and even vestigial remnants of a republican form of government.

In short, we in American are now in the midst of a fascist takeover. Total and complete. It has long been well underway. And is now rapidly coming to full fruition.

It began, to an incipient extent, when Woodrow Wilson set up the autocratic and authoritarian federal reserve system and inflicted the personal income tax. It imposed itself on virtually every aspect of Americans’ lives when FDR introduced the fascistic mechanisms of the New Deal (to the enthusiastic applause, by the way, of Il Duce Mussolini, himself, the father of fascism). And it is now being fully consummated by a braindead Joe Biden, who indubitably, indifferently does as he is told, fully unaware that he is the final cog in the fascist machine.

Which brings us to the dire need to clear the air of the first misconception spinning vapidly and vacuously around in the political Rabbit Hole. 

We are not in the midst of a communist takeover. Communism, for the most part, is dead. Its putrid remains still foul the air in such fetid backward outposts as Venezuela and Brazil (where dim-witted dictators still cling to its remnants in order to, in turn, to cling to power). But generally speaking, the Marxist/Leninist Soviet style communist hegemony wherein the government owns all and rules accordingly has now been largely relegated to the scrapheap of history. 

In short, it is old-fashioned — and out of fashion. And it is decidedly not what the Deep State and its lickspittle minions are now in the process of imposing on the largely hapless, helpless American serfdom. The fascist Deep State operatives do not want to own everything in the Rabbit Hole (why go to all that trouble?); they simple want to control everything (including every move you make).

The entire covid hoax serves as a case in point. There is no need to go into every sordid detail of the now increasingly transparent cruel and sinister con job the Deep State and its wicked, willful little obergruppenführers perpetrated on the American people. Many of the fascist group leaders are already confessing to their obdurate behavior and profligate lies (blatantly bragging of them in their published paeans of self-adoration). 

No, to uncover the deliberately fascist nature of the covid hoax, one need only examine the perps’ assault on business. Remember, under communism – which, I remind you, the Rabbit Hole pundits keep insisting is now being inflicted upon us), the covid apparatchiks (top communist leaders) would simply have commandeered all commercial entities – and that’s that. Done deal. You are now state owned.

But, that is not what the perps’ did, is it? Instead, the reichsführers (top fascist leaders) (stay with me here, if you would; we are trying to make an important distinction) issued orders that ruthlessly, recklessly destroyed small businesses – while leaving the large businesses free to (happily, I might add) supinely function under full government control. As in when to open, when to close, where to stand, what to wear, what to touch. The whole damn works. 

So, the entire covid hoax was an exercise in fascism, wasn’t it? But, be warned, within the Rabbit Hole, it was far, far more than that. It was a test case. It was a trial run. It was a massive, malevolent, well-managed (give the devils their due) maneuver to turn the entire whole of America into a fascist beta site. Lock, stock and bond. 

And it worked splendidly, didn’t it? 

Those who are about to die salute you, Der Fuhrers.

Now, as we close, let’s bring the fascist takeover up to date – since some of our most astute, and beloved, conservative pundits can’t seem to get it right. They continually label what I am about to reference as “communist” (to the extreme extent that one almost expects to see the ghostly apparitions of Lenin and Stalin wandering lovingly among the perps).

I am referring, of course, to the clearly fascist riots now manifesting themselves on college campuses nationwide, demanding that (1) Israel applaud the savage, depraved October 7 terrorist invasion and wholesale slaughter of its own innocent citizens, and (2) the bothersome Semitics just go ahead and die anyway and leave the rest of us to luxuriate in a Jew-free paradise (replete with a mix of Nazi armbands, soaring reichsadlers, shiny, sharp zulfikars, and 72 Aryan, goyim virgins, one would imagine).

Let’s be clear: the spoiled, privileged, arrogant, and odious students rioting against the hated Jews on America’s college campuses are not demanding collectivization, Five Year Plans, and Marxist style economic equality (far from it). They are demanding a society in which the state dictates who: may and may not be educated, rise up the social ladder, practice other than the state religion, and independently accede to positions of economic dominance. And, of course, they want to kill all the Jews.

And that, pure and simple, sick and sinister, is fascism. 

So, that’s it. That is the clearing of the air we sought to address and achieve at the outset. Many, perhaps at times, abstruse and confounding words ago. 

But, here is the bottom line: America is not, like Alice, merely falling accidentally down into a Rabbit Hole – particularly not a communist Rabbit Hole. No, we are plunging headlong, dangerously, disastrously, and, quite frankly, fatally deep down into a fascist Rabbit Hole. And we are being dragged down into that sordid, cataclysmic Hole entirely deliberately by a sinister, inveterate cabal of Deep State operatives who desire – no, make that demand – absolute, unequivocal power. 

 And unless we as a people act decisively, forcefully, and collectively now to keep our minds from “going out for a stroll,” we will never, ever, in perpetuum, and interminably escape the fascist Rabbit Hole. 

In short, “The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings.”

Before it becomes too late.