Don’t believe the doomsday prophecies

Jan 26, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Politicians seem incredibly adept at restricting freedoms in times of crisis, and no one does that better than the political left. If you turn on CNN or MSNBC, you'll be bombarded with dozens of news stories about the world ending. Whether it's climate change or mass starvation and famine, Democrats seem hell-bent on establishing America in particular as a nation in crisis. 

My advice? Don't believe them. When Democrats like Al Gore were warning that climate change would doom the world in the next ten or so years, it never happened. When they said we'd face mass starvation and famine, it didn't happen. According to an article written by John Stossel for Reason magazine, we're facing less famine and the sea levels aren't cataclysmically rising. 

In his recent story for Reason magazine, John Stossel put it best when he summarized the left's doomsday prophecies: 

The world's population more than doubled. But today there is less famine!

60 Minutes did mention that Ehrlich was wrong about widespread starvation, but they ignored his many other silly predictions. One was that by the year 2000 (because of climate change), England will not exist.

Ehrlich won't talk to me now, but seven years ago, when my producer asked him about his nonsense, Ehrlich said, “When you predict the future, you get things wrong.”

The media should ignore doomsayers like Ehrlich, and pay more attention to people like Marian Tupy, editor of

In my new video, Tupy points out that “life is getting better.” The modern era has brought much longer lives and the greatest decline in poverty ever.

Of course, universities, media, and politicians say capitalism is destroying the earth, so young people throw soup on famous paintings. It's the moral thing to do, they believe, because we face an apocalypse!

“If you sell the apocalypse,” says Tupy, “people feel like you are deep and that you care” But “if you are selling rational optimism, you sound uncaring.”

The true goal of politicians when faced with a crisis is to use the public's fear as leverage so they can restrict our freedoms. When challenges like climate change and overpopulation threaten to doom the world, it's a lot easier to restrict our rights to free speech and peaceable assembly. Just look at the response to Covid-19 for further confirmation of this.