Diversify Now!

Feb 22, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Today, a brief diversion from our usual, vitally important, political affairs…

With a quick dive into equally important economic affairs.

Yours, to be precise.

To put it into all into quick perspective, allow me to whisk you back in time to a highly private meeting I had with top Trump advisors way back in December of 2020.

Trump had less than a month remaining in his presidency. And he was, quite rightly, loudly sounding the alarm about the stolen election just one month earlier.

Here is what I told Trump’s top advisors, urging them to pass along the warning directly to the President:

“Please tell Mr. Trump that I have received word that if he does not go quietly, the Democrats and RINO Republicans fully intend to personally target his family, his friends, and his business interests nationwide. And they are already conspiring on how to leave him totally bankrupt. No matter what it takes. It is all already in the works.”

I cannot tell you whether the top advisors with whom I met carried the message back to President Trump.

I can only do my part. Which I did.

Trump, of course, did not “go quietly.” 

He courageously fought back – on our behalf.

And the result is captured in outrageous lawfare now being waged against “his family, his friends, and his business interests nationwide,” at every turn and at every level.

That’s the bad news.

Now, here is the worse news:

The fascist left’s lawfare assault upon Donald Trump is only a prelude of what they intend – FOR YOU! The Trump financial lawsuits are not an end in and of themselves – they are the beginning of the end to the safety and security of YOUR earnings, savings, and personal property. 

Simply put: They are setting the stage to stage a financial coup against any and all who dare dissent from Biden Regime oppressive policies. Again, including YOU! 

In short, here is what I sincerely recommend to all Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots at this dangerous time in American history:

Diversify your assets.

I do not mean just in stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate and such.

No, particularly if you are now trapped in a Democrat fascist run Blue State –

You need to diversify offshore. 

And you need to do so now. 

My wife and I own a beautiful beach home in Honduras. We will soon buy property in Nicaragua and Belize.

And remember, you can safely tuck away your savings in El Salvador, where Bitcoin in now legal tender.

That’s it. No need for me to drone on here.

I hope and pray you get the message. 

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt where the radical fascist left’s financial lawfare is leading.

And it will not end well for any patriotic American.

First they will freeze your assets. Then they will seize your assets.

Make no mistake about it.

So, I urge you:

Diversify your assets offshore NOW!!!

And one day soon, I hope to see you on a beautiful Caribbean beach (for a mere fraction of the price you would now pay in Toxic Joe’s over-inflated US of A!).