Did You Know 72% of Internet Users Distrust Facebook?

Oct 31, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

Studies have shown a whopping 72% of internet users distrust Facebook. It's no wonder; what began as a platform to connect people has warped into a data-harvesting, privacy-encroaching, censorship minefield machine.

People are ready for something better. And that's why I founded True Patriot Network.

On the TPN App, users are ensured the following:

  • NO data harvesting
  • Policies that respect and protect personal privacy
  • Values-driven decisions
  • American-made and run social media
  • Free Speech – all voices are heard!

TPN is bringing trust back to social media. We don't run our platform like Big Tech companies do, and that is our greatest strength.

Are you ready to stop using platforms that you outright don't trust? Ready to ditch censorship and stop handing out your personal data for free?

Join TPN for free today.