Detroit father dies after being mauled by three dogs, owners admit to prior attacks

Feb 4, 2024 | Political News

A Michigan father of six children has died from injuries sustained in a brutal dog mauling that occurred on Monday evening in Detroit.

Harold Phillips, 35, had been in critical condition since the attack. Three dogs severed an artery after biting a hole out of his right arm, resulting in his arm being amputated. Phillips lost a large amount of blood and had been put on dialysis, needing many blood transfusions.

The family announced his death on Friday.

“It's with my deepest regret to inform you that Harold has passed away this evening. I appreciate every prayer donation and message. Thank you all for the love and care you've shown my husband. My children and I are forever grateful,” Shauntaye Phillips wrote on GoFundMe.

It has been revealed that the dogs were involved in three prior biting incidents, including one involving a small child.

City officials claim that Phillip's death could have been prevented if the owners had complied with the city's ordinance laws that allow only two pets per household. The owners had four dogs and have been cited before. The law also orders dogs to be secured at all times.

Three of the dogs have been euthanized and another was seized by animal control since the attack on Phillips.

Roy Goodman, the owner of the dogs, told WXYZ that the dogs had escaped from his home in West Detroit when they attacked Phillips. Goodman admitted that one of the “vicious” canines should have been put down before the mauling occurred due to the three prior attacks.

“After the child situation, the one dog should have definitely been put down,” said Goodman.

The owners have received 10 citations at $500 each, totaling $5,000 in fines, according to CBS News.

According to Animal Control, the incident in which a child was bitten by one of the Goodmans' dogs in 2021 was deemed “provoked” and the resulting injury was categorized as “non-severe.”

A Detroit Animal Care and Control spokesperson stated that the couple was fined and the dog had been quarantined and later returned to them. Additionally, the spokesperson mentioned that the dog in question was among the three dogs who were involved in the attack on Harold Phillips.

Roy Goodman was charged in January 2021 with neglecting to prevent an animal from engaging in nuisance/threatening behavior, a misdemeanor. He pleaded guilty, but the matter was dismissed later that year for unknown reasons.

Additionally, Roy Goodman's wife had been charged with a misdemeanor in 2021 for having too many dogs. The City of Detroit only permits two dogs per household, according to animal control.

Goodman's spouse was often listed as a no-show in court documents while the case against her proceeded. She eventually had an arrest warrant issued for her, and that warrant is reportedly still in effect.

Goodman's dogs also attacked a contractor and another adult in two other incidents. The attack on Phillips was the fourth.

Goodman and his wife are each facing multiple charges that include not having licensed dogs, no proof of rabies vaccines, being over the limit of two dogs per household, and failing to prevent dangerous/menacing behaviors in their dogs.

The Phillips family has retained a lawyer and are planning to file a lawsuit against the Goodman's and the city of Detroit.

The Post Millennial reached out to Detroit Animal Control and the Mayor's Office for comment.