Detoxifying The White House

May 9, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I received an email the other day asking why I invariably refer to Joseph Robinette Biden as “Toxic Joe.”

Well, let me say from the outset that it is not just because he clearly has Toxic Dementia – an unfortunate illness that causes the afflicted elderly to suddenly break out in yelling tirades laced with uncontrollable venom.

For a graphic example, check out Biden’s fist-shaking, bellowing Philadelphia “Trump supporters are domestic terrorists” speech from September 1, 2022.

It’s a classic case of Toxic Dementia.

And absolutely insanity.  

Hence, one reason for the moniker “Toxic Joe.”

But the appellation goes far beyond Biden’s clear, present, dangerous – and entirely obvious to all (except, of course his lickspittle lapdogs in the mainstream media) – mental deterioration. 

Because Biden’s toxic behavior is not merely confined to just an occasional aberrational outburst… it is part and parcel of who he actually is.

The fact is, Joseph Robinette Biden is now and always has been an evil, iniquitous, dishonest, deceptive, disreputable, and despicable man.

He has always been a man without a moral compass… shorn of even a minuscule modicum of common decency… soulless… and deliberately cruel, self-serving, vulgar, vile, and vituperative.

In short: Toxic.

Lest you have any remaining doubt, the inimitable Mark Levine sets the Toxic Joe Biden record straight in the revealing and alarming video embedded above.

Your Constitutional Rights PAC is taking the lead in helping to make absolutely certain that this despicable, yes, diabolical, man is not returned to the Oval Office this coming November.

Frankly, America cannot survive another four years of Toxic Joe Biden.

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