DeSantis Warns Looters: ‘We Are a Second Amendment State’

Oct 2, 2022 | Political News

On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) hosted a press conference in St. Augustine where he warned against potential looters going out and taking advantage of vulnerable Floridians following the devastation of Hurricane Ian this past week.

“The other thing that we are concerned about, particularly in those areas that were really hard hit is that we want to make sure that we are maintaining law and order,” the governor explained. Looting has been a common occurrence in disaster-ridden areas following hurricanes.

“Don't even think about looting, don't even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation,” DeSantis explained, adding, “So local law enforcement is involved and monitoring that.”

“If the state needs to help as well because you can have people bring in boats in some of these islands and try to ransack people's homes,” he emphasized. “I can tell you, in the state of Florida you may never know what is lurking behind somebody's home and I wouldn't want to chance that if I were you given that we are a Second Amendment state.”

“We are a law and order state, and this is a law and order community,” DeSantis said. “So do not think that you're going to take advantage of people who've suffered misery.”


Other public officials in Florida have also come out and warned potential looters against taking advantage of Florida residents: “We are not going to tolerate, I mean, zero tolerance when we say anyone that thinks they're going to thrive on the residents of this county or state when we just took a horrific hit,” said Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

“I can guarantee you that is not going to happen,” he emphasized, adding that such efforts would lead to, “swift incarceration immediately with no tolerance.”

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday as a Category 4 storm with 155 miles per hour winds. The storm led to over two million people without power going into the weekend, according to Fox News.

Donations from across the country have been pouring in to assist the people of Florida in their time of need: “$20 million in 48 hours is a testament to the generosity, compassion, and good will from people across the county,” Casey DeSantis tweeted. “[Gov. DeSantis] and I are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support, thank you.”

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