DeSantis tells MSNBC he supports sending more military aid to Ukraine to bring conflict ‘to a conclusion’

Nov 2, 2023 | Political News

In an interview with MSNBC on Thursday, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and GOP primary candidate, said that he doesn’t support giving a “blank check” to Ukraine as they continue their conflict with Russia, and that his administration would send support to the country to bring the conflict “to a conclusion.”

“Do you support the continued funding for the Ukrainians, and if so for how long?” DeSantis was asked.

DeSantis said that he “would not do what Biden’s doing” in funding “pensions for bureaucrats, they’re funding salaries, their funding small business stuff.”

“We were supportive of the defensive weaponry to be able to prevent Putin from taking over the country. 

“So as President, I'm going to leverage resources. I'm going to get the Europeans to do more. I'm going to do more on the energy side.

“I'm going to do more on China, which by the way, is the biggest benefactor for Ukraine. But I would not just send checks because I think what they're going to do is they want 60 billion now, but I think they're going to come back at the beginning of the year next year and ask for at least another 100 billion.”

DeSantis said the United States’ interest in the conflict should be putting it to an end “in a way that keeps Russia in a box.”

Joe Scarborough pressed DeSantis on whether he supported defensive weapons to Ukraine, to which DeSantis said, “Well, not only that, I mean, I supported it under Trump, and then I supported the initial stuff under Biden.”

“But I think now the question is, our weapon stocks are low. How are we going to be able to meet all the contingencies and how is how are we leveraging our European allies to step up and fill some of these voids?” 

DeSantis said the US doesn’t “have the ability to just flood every part of the world,” and added that he would prioritize the Indo-Pacific region, providing support for Israel, and leveraging European support to put the conflict in Ukraine to an end.

“Would you still send out military weapons to Ukraine at this point,” Scarborough asked.

“I would send support that would bring it to a conclusion. I wouldn't just send if we don't have a sense of how this comes to an end,” DeSantis said.