Deputy Speaker Bowling Says Tennesseans Must Be Vigilant To End Child Mutilation

Oct 26, 2022 | Political News

Deputy Speaker Janice Bowling sent a letter to constituents yesterday that offered a review of previously killed legislation to end child mutilation and visual depictions of the surgeries and hormonal “therapies” that she aims to make illegal in the Volunteer State.

Senator Bowling (R-Tullahoma-District 16 ) thanked the Tennesseans who attended and/or prayed for the Rally to End Child Mutilation that took place last Friday, October 21st in Nashville and offered thanks and prayers to Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire for exposing “this barbarism for profit in Tennessee”.

Bowling said, “We must protect the children from the irreversible mutilation of their bodies and lives. Our work and vigilance must be ongoing.”

In 2021, Bowling and Representative John Ragan (R-Oak Ridge- District 33) sponsored HB 578 (Ragan) / SB 675 (Bowling) in an attempt to outlaw child transgender drug therapy and surgical mutilations.