Dem New Mexico Gov slams Biden’s DHS for seizing weed at the border but letting illegal immigrants flood in

Apr 27, 2024 | Political News

In a newly leaked audio recording, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham complained about Border Patrol agents who seized cannabis shipments and criticized Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas‘ response to it. Grisham also complained about not having the agents at the border instead. 

In the audio, Grisham expressed worry about the bad press that she was getting in regard to the seizure. She said, “I'm cranky with the secretary. He knew that was coming, he did not say a word to me.”

Instead of seizing the cannabis, Grisham complained that she did not have a “single Border Patrol agent” in Sunland Park where she said illegal immigrants are pouring over the border.  

“Politico wants to write an article,” Grisham added. “Every single major press group is asking repeatedly, basically accusing me of being feckless, and uh, Huffington Post, I mean, they're all going to write about it.” 

“They're saying that they are worried about fentanyl so they're taking all of our cannabis, and they tried to, and they're detaining people,” she said. “We've never done that. We just use discretion and look the other way. But the press also knows that the bad Border Patrol is taking a hard stance.” 

According to Politico, Grisham's office verified the authenticity of the recording, and that she was discussing recent seizures of state-licensed cannabis producers' products. 

In New Mexico, cannabis is legal, while it remains illegal federally in the United States, so federal officials are authorized to seize it. The outlet noted that there has been more than $300,000 of New Mexico-produced cannabis confiscated at checkpoints by Customs and Border Protection. 

“Here's what also the secretary said to me, just so you know: ‘Oh, who cares? They make a lot of money,'” Grisham complained about Mayorkas' response to her. “Well, first of all, (inaudible) so I was really offended by that. Shame on him, and then secondly, we're the only state that lets baby producers in. If they lose a load, their business goes belly up. Yeah, I thought that was really inappropriate. Whatever you all want to do about that, it was inappropriate.” 

In her 2018 campaign, Grisham said she would push for the legalization of cannabis. Since the state legalized it, the sales are over $1 billion and have become a lucrative business for the state.