Crossville Man Arrested For Protesting Pride Parade

Jun 13, 2023 | Political News

A Crossville man was arrested on Saturday for protesting a Pride Parade Event on the Crossville Courthouse lawn.

Wallace Shane Wattenbarger, a lifelong resident of Crossville, Tennessee, and owner of RockyTop Stone Supply, says that his First Amendment rights were violated after standing up for his beliefs and protesting the Pride march.

Wattenbarger drove his trailer, decorated with an assortment of banners and signs, down Main Street where he was soon surrounded by six patrol cars. 

Wattenbarger gave the following statement, “I won’t let them brush this under the rug and the community forget what city police are doing to good citizens for having a voice. It’s gonna get very nasty in the upper branches, likely all the way to the state capital. I respect and appreciate law enforcement until they start to step out of [their] boundaries going after the lawful people because the officers don’t agree with what I am doing.”