Crisis, Chaos, And Control: The Means To An End For Global Governance

Sep 29, 2022 | Political News

An atmosphere of totalitarianism is encircling the globe and the method of those seeking to obtain power is as old as time: create a crisis that results in fear, confusion, and division, offer assistance to one faction during the chaos – acting as savior or rescuer, and ultimately seize control of both sides once the “crisis” is over. 

Machiavellianism is the tactic; total control is the outcome.


Generally, where there is peace, there is stability. Create a crisis or a catastrophe, and the ability to make sound decisions is lost and stability is compromised – if not eradicated. We have seen multiple recent examples – the most obvious one being the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other examples include racial divisions and the blatant infusion of Critical Race Theory into America’s education system, sexual issues and radical transgender ideologies forced upon the innocent in the name of political agendas, the border crisis, climate “crises,” in the form of transportation, energy, fossil fuels, inflated gasoline prices, and the premature push of consumers toward EVs and an unstable grid, “climate change” rhetoric, and most recently with the reportedly “deliberate acts” of the explosions of Nord Stream 2.