Covenant School Files Motion To Intervene In Release Of Shooter’s “Manifesto”

May 18, 2023 | Political News

In light of recent lawsuits requesting release of The Covenant School shooter’s “manifesto,” the school and Covenant Presbyterian Church took action earlier this week to prevent the public release of certain information. 

On Monday, Covenant attorneys filed two motions to intervene, one regarding a lawsuit brought by the Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) and another regarding a lawsuit brought by the Nashville Police Association (NPA).

The motion requests that the court permit the church and school to “protect its interests relating to the release of records sought” by TFA and NPA, who are demanding that the personal journals and writings confiscated from the Covenant shooter’s home, be released to the public. 

Covenant wrote that releasing all of these written documents may endanger the school’s students and faculty by providing the public with confidential information.