Counter-terrorism official fears ISIS-K could stage US terror attack after Moscow massacre: report

Mar 31, 2024 | Political News

A US counter-terrorism official warned that the ISIS-K terrorist organization could exploit the lack of security at the southern border to enter the country undetected to conduct an attack.

The official, speaking on conditions of anonymity told the New York Post, “An attack on US soil is definitely a possibility.”

“It would certainly send a message,” the source added.

“We are taking the threat of a domestic ISIS-K attack very seriously,” the official continued. “They hate us, and everything we stand for. And they’re bold and they’re always looking for targets.”

ISIS-K was the terrorist organization that claimed responsibility for the attack on the Crocus City Hall concert in Moscow where over 137 people were killed last week. The organization was also responsible for the suicide bombing in Kabul in 2021 that killed 13 US troops.

“The Russia attack was a success for them,” the US official said. “So they’re going to look for something bigger.”

Former US Army captain and Blackwater contractor, Morgan Lerette told the Post, “The open border is a huge concern for terrorists entering the US in light of the attacks in Moscow.” He noted, “It’s only going to take a few of them to get armed and attack a large event [such as a] concert, baseball game, Times Square [in New York City] to bring terrorism to US soil.”

Last week, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he was “very worried” about an attack from ISIS-K on US soil.

“You don't even have to sit on the Intelligence Committee and have classified intelligence, you can just look at what the commanding general of our force in the Middle East said,” Cotton said in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

“‘In as little as six months you could have an attack like this,'” he quoted. “It turned out to be about six days.”

According to the Customs and Border Protection website, there were 901,549 illegal immigrants apprehended attempting to cross the border illegally between October and the beginning of March. In that period, 70 people on the Terrorist watchlist were apprehended trying to enter the US illegally.