‘Contingency plan’ discussed by Columbia Gaza camp protesters in case of ‘police sweep’: LWC video

Apr 27, 2024 | Political News

Recent undercover footage of the Gaza Camp organizers at Columbia University revealed the activists discussing their “contingency plan” in case law enforcement conducts sweeps, as well as wanting to limit supportive politicians using the camp for “photo-ops.” 

Commentator Steven Crowder posted his team's undercover video inside the private meeting. At the end of the meeting, the group repeats a proposal to have “no big press details with politicians.” 

The group added that they won't “police the type of post” politicians make but will “accept the support.” 

Earlier this month, students at Columbia University set up a “Liberated Zone” to protest the Israel-Hamas war. The group has vowed to remain on the university's main lawn until the school divests its finances from companies and institutions that work with Israel. 

Columbia University previously warned students they would be suspended if they did not evacuate the property. However earlier this week, school faculty staged a walkout in support of the protesters. 

One politician who went to support the group was Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN) whose daughter was arrested and suspended during the protest. She said, “Columbia arrested and suspended its students who were peacefully protesting and have now ignited a nationwide Gaza Solidarity movement.” 

“This is more than the students hoped for and I am glad to see this type of solidarity. But to be clear, this about the genocide in Gaza and the attention has to remain on that,” Omar added. 

In another statement, Omar said, “Throughout history, protests were co-opted and made to look bad so police and public leaders would shut them down.” She added, “That’s what we are seeing now at Columbia University. The Columbia protesters have made clear their demands and want their school not to be complacent in the ongoing Genocide in Gaza. Public officials and media making this about anything else are inflaming the situation and need to bring calmness and sanity back.” 

Since the Columbia University protest began, several other camps have been set up at universities across the country with multiple arrests being made.