Constitutional Republicans Sweep Sumner County Races Changing The Face Of Local Politics

Aug 24, 2022 | Political News

The Sumner County Constitutional Republicans (SCCRTN) group endorsed 20 individuals for the County Commission and four individuals for the School Board in the August elections.  Over 80% of their endorsees won.

In an interview with the Nashville Tea Party’s founder, Ben Cunningham, the chairman of the Sumner County Constitutional Republicans, Kurt Riley, said “Technically, 18 of them won, one of them is still in limbo.  The District 13 race ended up in a dead even tie between a Democrat and a Republican.  The commission will address that in the next couple of weeks.”

According to Cunningham, prior to the election, the Commission had passed two tax increases and consistently acted in favor of developers and corporate interests instead of the citizens of the county.  In addition, transparency that the citizenry was calling for was severely lacking.  

With the newly elected commissioners, the SCCRTN endorsees will have a majority on the county commission with the total number on the commission being 24.