Concerns mount as Chinese nationals illegally enter Guam, home to US military base

Mar 30, 2024 | Political News

A growing number of Chinese nationals are illegally entering Guam, leaving many to speculate national security concerns regarding the US military base on the island, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The US military site on Guam is home to over 20,000 stationed troops and boasts the only US Navy submarine base in the western Pacific. It is also a strategic stronghold in the region, situated less than 2,000 miles away from midland China.

Since 2022, Guam has reported 118 cases of “unlawful or attempted unlawful entries by Chinese citizens.” House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green expressed apprehension over the situation, suggesting that the Chinese Communist Party may be attempting to exploit vulnerabilities to advance its interests.

“Count on the Chinese Communist Party to exploit every potential vulnerability on the map. What the CCP is doing in Guam is almost certainly no exception,” House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green told the Daily Mail.

Green emphasized the need for heightened security and screening, stating, “We simply do not know for what purpose these individuals are coming.”

“It's not just rising numbers of Chinese nationals illegally crossing our Southwest border that demands attention—what's happening in Guam does, as well,” Green added.

The revelations come after recent reports that showed Chinese illegal immigrant apprehensions up 4000% at the US-Mexico border since 2021. Concerns have intensified following allegations that the Biden administration reduced the vetting process for illegal immigrants from China, further raising questions about potential security risks posed by unchecked entry into the United States.

“The Chinese Communist Party has already proven they will stop at nothing to infiltrate and outpace the United States, and I’m working to close loopholes that allow any further espionage,” said Iowa Senator Joni Ernst to Newsweek. “We must put an end to Chinese nationals accessing our military installations on U.S. territories and conducting malign activity.”