CNN Makes Stunning Move To Strip Leftist Don Lemon Of Primetime Show

Sep 16, 2022 | Political News

CNN is evolving, and America First Patriots are here for it! New CEO Chris Licht has made his presence felt — warning his employees that they might not like many of the changes he will make. Licht and CNN already canned the partisan Brian Stelter — a move which perplexed and infuriated the wokest of employees as the DC Enquirer reports. And now, Licht is moving wokester Don Lemon from his primetime program to a morning show co-anchored with two other hosts.

Chris Licht announced  the move on CNN's Pressroom website:

“Don Lemon, one of CNN’s most recognizable news personalities, will close the curtain on his nightly program Don Lemon Tonight to headline the brand-new morning show. ”

According to Licht, Lemon will now co-anchor CNN's “New Day” program with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, replacing the show's current hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar — who he claims will “assume new roles at the network later this year”

“There is no stronger combination of talent than Don, Poppy and Kaitlan to deliver on our promise of a game-changing morning news program,” claims Licht. “They are each uniquely intelligent, reliable and compelling; together they have a rare and palpable chemistry. Combined with CNN’s resources and global newsgathering capabilities, we will offer a smart, bold and refreshing way to start the day.”

Don Lemon, who Donald Trump calls “the dumbest man on television,” had been a mainstay on CNN since 2014. Unlike Brian Stelter, his time with the company is not over, but he is done competing with the likes of Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters.

According to the New York Times, this move was a long time coming. “New Day” trailed behind its most potent competitors:

“‘New Day' has the smallest viewership among the cable news channels in its time slot. On Tuesday morning, Fox News’s ‘Fox & Friends' averaged more than a million viewers, and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe' averaged right around a million viewers. ‘New Day' drew fewer than half of that.”

While the effects of these changes remain to be seen, it does look as though Chris Licht is making good on his promise to shake things up. While an America First news outlet is ideal, a Centrist and unbiased CNN would be a welcome alternative to the hyper-leftist news network we see today.