CNN Is Dead

May 12, 2023 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I want you to ask yourself a question:

How would you like to have to deal with someone who looked at you with the kind of nasty, contemptuous expression on her face that Kaitlan Collins did to Donald Trump?

Would you expect even an ounce of fairness… courtesy… or even common decency?

No, I didn’t think so. 

And yet, when you get right down to it, that actually is the mephitic face of CNN itself, isn’t it?

And it has been for well over a decade. 

That is the arrogant, odious, bilious countenance they have long displayed to anyone who happens to be even the slightest degree to the right of center…

As they have distorted the facts and perverted the truth… 

Shamefully, shamelessly – all in an endless effort to further their thoroughly destructive radical left agenda. 

But here’s the good news: 

With President Donald Trump’s total demolition of the nasty Kaitlan Collins at the Trump (not CNN) Town Hall, he didn’t just expose her vile villainy for all to see…

He put the final nail in CNN’s coffin, as well.

Because for the millions of Americans who watched Trump’s triumph – and the tens of millions more who have watched the incredible excerpts since – 

Donald Trump exposed CNN for biased, bigoted, den of miscreants it actually is.

And he helped hasten its imminent and well-deserved demise. 

The fact is, all of the mainstream media – ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, even Tuckerless FOX, and, of course, CNN – were dead networks walking even before Trump’s Town Hall tour de force…

And that’s because everything is moving to the Alternative Media podcast universe – 

Which – as I am sure you have already seen for yourself — is far more intimate, engaging – and interactive. 

The TV networks talk at you…

Podcasts talk with you…

And it’s there where YOUR opinion counts most!

That’s why your Constitutional Rights PAC is hard at work to launch its own full menu of in-depth, incisive – and, yes, fully interactive – podcasts within the next 30 days. 

For my part, I promise to keep you fully informed as we near the “Grand Opening”…

So, for your part, get ready to see your Constitutional Rights PAC-TV help put the boot to CNN and all of the other fake news networks –

I guarantee you that we’ll have THE President (yes, that’s right, Donald Trump – there’s only one) in the very near future.

And our nice will more than make up for Kaitlan Collins’ nasty!

Thank you for your continued support!