Chris Cuomo admits to taking ivermectin for ‘long Covid’ after saying those who took drug during pandemic ‘should be shamed’

May 8, 2024 | Political News

Ex-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo disclosed he is taking the pharmaceutical drug Ivermectin to treat his “long Covid” diagnosis, despite disparaging others who promoted the drug in 2020, stating they “need to be shamed.”

Cuomo, who now works for NewsNation, issued the disclosure during an appearance on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast “PBD.”

While the anchor stated that he stands by his earlier remarks on alternative Covid regimens that differed from the vaccine, he asserted that the US government’s guidance on Ivermectin “was wrong” and that he offered his initial analysis based on alleged facts provided by the government at that time.

“My doctors say I have ‘Long Covid,” he said, later adding that “I'm doing all the protocols”

“I do not fault myself for telling people at the time what the government was giving us as best practices…I am going to tell you something else that is going to get you a lot of hits. I am taking a regular dose, whatever, of Ivermectin,” said Cuomo.

“Ivermectin was a boogeyman early on in COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin,” he continued.

“The real question is why?… The entire clinical community knew that Ivermectin couldn't hurt you. They knew it, Patrick. I know they knew it. How did I know it? Because now I am doing nothing but talking to these clinicians who at the time were overwhelmed but they weren't saying anything, not that they were hiding anything. But it's cheap, it's not owned by anybody and it's used as anti-microbial and an anti-viral in all these different ways and has been for a long time,” said Cuomo.

The NewsNation host then revealed that his doctor and her family were taking Ivermectin during the pandemic, saying “It was working for them. So they were wrong to play scared on that. Didn't know it at the time, know it now, admit it now, reporting on it now.”