Chattanooga Is A Pit Stop For Illegal Aliens Being Transported From Texas To D.C.

Aug 16, 2022 | Political News

Reports indicate that recent sightings of busloads of immigrants in the Chattanooga area are pit stops on their way from Texas to Washington D.C.

In response to Texas and Arizona mayors complaints about running out of money to support the influx of illegal aliens across the border, both state’s Republican governors, Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey respectively, ordered that illegal aliens must sign waivers that would allow them to be transported across the country and dropped off in Washington D.C.

As of August 8th, more than 150 buses traveling from Arizona and Texas have transported thousands of illegal immigrants to the nation’s capital. Since April, Texas alone has transported over 6,800 individuals to D.C. It appears that the Chattanooga area has become a pit stop for some of those buses en route.

In Tennessee, legislation with a similar aim was introduced by Representative Bruce Griffey and Senator Frank Niceley during the last session of the General Assembly with the end goal of transporting illegal aliens to the home states of Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer. However, the bill failed in the House Department and Agencies Subcommittee when no representatives offered a second to move the bill forward.