Canadian Province Rejects Trudeau’s Gun-Grabbing Moves

Oct 2, 2022 | Political News

Canada's Prime Minister and relentless leftist, Justin Trudeau, appeared mortified after Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro rejected his proposed “assault weapons” ban. Shandro is seeking “intervener status” and plans to assert the unconstitutionality of Trudeau's ban. Shandro further remarked that it does not make sense to “take the property of law-abiding firearm owners.”

Alberta's Chief Firearms Officer, Terri Bryant, took a bold opposition against the ban as well. Bryant told CBC in a statement:

“I have previously expressed strong opposition to the federal government's plans to prohibit and confiscate some 30,000 lawfully acquired firearms from Albertans. …The planned confiscations represent a fatal approach to reducing violence in Canadian society and are unwarranted and unacceptable infringements on the property rights and personal freedoms of Albertans.”

Bryant also spoke to CTV News Calgary, saying: “All Canadians whether firearms owners or not should be concerned about the scapegoating of law abiding citizens and the targeting of their property.”

All of this anti-gun rhetoric comes after Conservative Party champion Pierre Poilievre secured the party's nomination to become the next Prime Minister of Canada. A Canadian member of the Tory Party and decorated political operative Shakir Chambers said: “There's no doubt in my mind the Liberals have kept their powder dry till now. They're going to unleash a furious campaign against Poilievre. His economic message is very relatable, and it's what propelled him to the top. Why would you deviate from that right now, when it's top of mind to Canadians?”

While guns are important to Canadians, Poilievre speaks to the broader scope of issues facing Canada. During his victory a few weeks ago, he declared:

“We will restore Canada's promise in a country where it doesn't matter who you love, or if your name is Smith or Singh, Martin or Mohammed, Chang or Charles; a country where the dreamer, the farmer, the worker, the entrepreneur, the survivor, the fighter, the ones who get knocked down but keep getting back up and keep going can achieve their purpose; a country where the son of a teenage mother adopted by two teachers can dare to run for prime minister of Canada. Many are falling behind, and there are people in this country who are just hanging on by a thread. These are citizens of our country. We are their servants. We owe them hope. They don't need a government that sneers at them, looks down on them and calls them names. They don't need a government to run their lives. They need a government that can run a passport office.”

No matter how hard leftists continue to push their agenda worldwide, people are slowly beginning to miss the warm safeguards that conservative policy used to provide them with. That includes securing the right to bear arms. Undoubtedly, that longing for traditional values drove Poilievre to victory and is currently (hopefully) driving Trudeau out of power.