Canada FINALLY ends vaccine mandate for border crossing

Sep 26, 2022 | Political News

Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announced Monday that Canada will end Covid border measures for all travelers starting October 1.

“Today, based on the data accumulated over the last few weeks and months, we are announcing that the Government of Canada will not renew the order in council that expires on September the 30,” Duclos said, noting the government “will therefore remove all COVID-19 border requirements for all travelers entering Canada.”

“This includes the removal of all federal testing, quarantine and isolation requirements, as well as a mandatory submission of health information in ArriveCAN,” Duclos continued.

Sources in Ottawa revealed last week that ArriveCAN was due to become optional on September 30. 

Canada's government website outlines what Covid restrictions are ending next month.

Travelers no longer have to use ArriveCan to submit health info, nor will they need to submit proof of vaccination. There will be no more pre-testing or arrival testing at the border and isolation and quarantine measures are being tossed out.

Health checks for travel via air or rail are also being thrown out.

Finally, masks will no longer be mandatory on planes and trains.

Last week, a collection of Canadian members of Parliament and border-city mayors, pressed upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Covid border measures were hurting their country.

Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Official Opposition in September. The Carleton MP garnered support from Conservatives in large part due to his opposition to the ArriveCAN app, and other Covid restrictions.