Can you trust the news?

Jun 17, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

An article in The Daily Wire today states that USA Today has deleted 23 articles from a reporter who apparently has been fabricating evidence, quotes, and sources in her stories. 

In the list of articles the newspaper deleted, some titles appear clickbaity but harmless. Others, though, hold clear political and social weight:

  • Campus ministry at Virginia Tech had its Pride flag stolen, replaced with Confederate flag
  • ‘This is my land, I stay’: These Ukrainian women are among thousands choosing to fight, not flee
  • Anti-vaxxer pushes urine therapy as ‘COVID antidote’ without scientific evidence
  • Russian troops halt attack of nuclear power plant but remain in control. How dangerous could this be?
  • Texas abortion ban could lead to stockpiling contraceptives and pregnancy tests

This is a good reminder to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism when consuming the news. Everyone has political motives. And many are more than comfortable lying to sway their audience.

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