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Sep 12, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Burbank, California Mayor Mike Tubbs was spanked by a drag queen at a recent event. Tubbs, who is a Democrat and a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights, has defended the incident, saying that he sees nothing wrong with it.

The event, which was held at a local library, was intended to be a celebration of diversity and inclusion. However, the spanking incident has sparked outrage among some parents, who are concerned that children may have been present at the event. Tubbs has denied that any children were there, but some parents are not convinced.

“I don't believe him,” said one parent. “My kid goes to school with kids who live in Burbank, and I know they were at that event. This is just another example of the Left trying to sexualize our children.”

Tubbs has not responded to the allegations, but he is expected to make a statement soon. In the meantime, the spanking incident has reignited the debate over drag queens and children.

Some people believe that drag queens are inappropriate for children, while others believe that they can be a positive force for acceptance and understanding. The debate is likely to continue for some time.

In the meantime, Tubbs has found himself in hot water. He has been accused of being a hypocrite, as he has previously spoken out against sexualizing children. He has also been criticized for his handling of the situation, with some people accusing him of not taking the allegations seriously.

Tubbs has said that he is “deeply sorry” for any offense that he has caused. He has also said that he will “do better” in the future.

However, it remains to be seen whether Tubbs will be able to weather the storm. The spanking incident has damaged his reputation, and it is possible that he could face calls to resign.

Only time will tell what the long-term consequences of this incident will be. But one thing is for sure: it is a story that is sure to keep people talking for a long time to come.

To learn more about Drag Queen Spankings read this article from Fox News. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 


Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony was spanked by a drag queen at the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats' Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser on Saturday.

A video depicts Anthony bent over a table people sat at as a drag queen whacked him with a paddle.

The video was posted to Instagram by the Wisenuts Podcast and caught wind online after being reposted by the popular X account Libs of TikTok.

Local press reported that the fundraiser was billed as being for ages 15 and up, but that it was “not suitable for children.”

Libs of TikTok wrote that Anthony was spanked by the drag queen in front of children, but the Burbank mayor says there were no children present at the event.

“No children were in attendance,” Anthony told Fox News Digital. “All attendees were over 21 years of age.”