Byron Donalds For House Leader

Oct 24, 2023 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

The battle over the selection of a new Republican House Majority Leader is coming to a climax. 

The final vote will likely be held within a day or two. The choice will be made. 

And I have received numerous requests for some insights into what I believe will unfold. 

So, very briefly, allow me to put forth some thoughts, if I may.

First let me say that I consider the ongoing turmoil both well warranted and entirely healthy. 

Please don’t listen to the mainstream media leftwing lapdogs, or the lockstep liberals in the Democrat Party who are chortling over the turmoil and saying it is a sign of disarray. 

Maybe they actually believe that. Or maybe they are just lying through their teeth in hopes of setting the narrative.

But, either way they are wrong. 

What the entirely justified turmoil actually means, is the Republican Party has finally come to realize that this nation cannot afford to continue playing go-along-get-along politics as usual.

With the stumbling, bumbling Toxic Joe Biden thoroughly under the automaton control of the fascist left, this nation is now at risk as never before in the history of the Republic.

Those pulling Biden’s strings are hellbent on destroying the very fabric of American society, corrupting the political system in order to end once and for all to fair and free elections, and plunging us into multi-front wars in order to enrich their military-industrial paymasters. 

The US Senate is already in eager compliance – with a smarmy Chuck Schumer rubber stamping the Biden regime agenda and a spineless Mitch McConnell nodding in agreement (when he is not simply nodding off). 

So, that leaves only the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives to take the lead in opposing the fascist left onslaught. 

That’s how important the process is over the next several days. 

And that’s why the continuing turmoil is not a sign of weakness.

It is a sign of a strong contingency of freedom-loving House members refusing to stand down and allow supine surrender. 

As I said in an earlier note to you, the House is not penciling in the starting pitcher for the Pottstown Firebirds; it is selecting the person who will charged with (in the words of John F. Kennedy) “protecting freedom in its hour of maximum danger.”

And we do not need another pusillanimous, preening, posturing, self-serving political prostitute like Boehner, Ryan, or Kevin McCarthy.

Enough said. 

Here are the nine candidates who have tossed their hats into the ring. 

You may have noticed that I have circled one in red –and crossed out two. 

Frankly, that is because Byron Donalds is my own personal choice – by far.

And I believe that Tom Emmer and Pete Sessions would be absolute Boehner-Ryan-McCarthy mold total disasters. 

Tom Emmer served as a spokesperson for the George Soros’ organization The National Popular Vote, which fought to destroy the Electoral College after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by winning the electoral vote while losing the popular vote. Plus, he has been endorsed by Kevin McCarthy. So, there is that. 

Pete Sessions is yet another aging career politician, who has set up housekeeping in Washington for more than two decades. To make matters worse, he is also the former NRCC chair whose failure to support hardcore conservative candidates was largely responsible for the failure of the Red Wave during last year’s midterm elections.

And what about Byron Donalds?

Donalds was elected in 2020 – which means that he has not yet even had enough time to be infected with Swamp Fever.

And on top of that, he is absolutely right on all of the issues. 

Here is how Wikipedia characterized his 2020 candidacy:

“During his campaign, Donalds described himself as a “Trump supporting, gun owning, liberty loving, pro-life, politically incorrect Black man.” He stated his support for economic freedom, clean water, nuclear power and decreased government involvement in health care. He opposed the Green New Deal.” 

And here is Byron’s recent interview on Fox News about his candidacy for Speaker of the House: 

On top of all that, Ocacio Cortez hates him – which alone and by itself is plenty enough to gain him our support!

Can he win?

Admittedly, it’s a long shot.

But, a strong showing now will help position him for the next time the position comes open – which may not be that long from now!

That’s it. 

Let’s see what happens.