Bud Light teams up with comic Shane Gillis in full Dylan Mulvaney reversal

Feb 2, 2024 | Political News

Comedian Shane Gillis will join Bud Light in a branding reversal after the business took a downturn among conservatives after it teamed up with Dylan Mulvaney last year.

Gillis has been known for anti-woke jokes about race as well as sexuality topics. He was previously hired by Saturday Night Live in 2019 but was promptly fired after video emerged of Gillis on his podcast making jokes people interpreted as racist.

The decision to hire Gilli comes less than 12 months after the company's decision to pair up with Dylan Mulvaney in what has come to be known as the move that branded the company as “woke.”

Gillis made the partnership known in a post to Instagram where he stated, “Excited to announce partnership with Bud Light #budlightpartner.”

Bud Light's social media page posted the same picture with the caption, “Welcome to the team @shanemgillis, excited to be a part of your 2024 tour.”

When Mulvaney posted a video in April 2023 celebrating the biological male's 365th day of “girlhood,” the brand quickly plummeted in sales. Bottling plants, as a result of profit drying up, were forced to shut down in several locations. Modelo, also owned by Anheuser-Bush InBev, then became America's first choice for beer in the months that followed.

In the month prior to the fallout of the marketing attempt, the stock price for Anheuser-Bush, the company that owns the brand, hovered at around $65. It gradually fell all the way into October 2023 where it stood around $53; however, since then the stock price has started to recover going into 2024.

Gillis recently appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast where he spoke about the disaster for the company when it paired up with Mulvaney.

“It became a joke,” Gillis told Rogan. “That’s tough to overcome, marketing-wise. It’s tough to get people to order a Bud Light publicly. You’re gonna get made fun of.”

Bud Light Vice President Todd Allen told Fox Digital, “Humor has always been at the heart of the Bud Light brand and central to our ‘Easy Enjoyment’ platform. We’re excited to partner with longtime fan of Bud Light, Shane Gillis, for his 2024 Live Comedy Tour where a good time with friends is always easy to enjoy.”