British Newscaster SLAMS Leftists For Mocking Queen After Mourning George Floyd’s Death by “burning cities to the ground”

Sep 16, 2022 | Political News

British political commentator Sophie Corcoran slammed American Leftists on Twitter for mocking public displays of mourning for the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. As the DC Enquirer reported last week, the Left had some awful reactions to the Queen's death. Corcoran, who has appeared on Australia's Sky News, claims they are incredibly hypocritical. While many American Leftists detest the British mourning the death of their queen, these same Leftists have mourned George Floyd's death over the course of the last two years — a real and striking inconsistency.

“Dear Americans who mock us for mourning our beloved queen, She dedicated her entire life to her duty and our country even just two days before her death. You mourned a man who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman by burning cities to the ground. We are not the same.” She tweeted.

Corcoran is referencing the fact that George Floyd was a convicted felon who did time in prison for a 2007 armed robbery — allegedly robbing a mother in front of her children.

“Aracely Henriquez was at her Houston home with her children when a man knocked on her door claiming to be from the water company. When she opened it, several men pushed her inside the home at gunpoint and pinned her on the couch.” the Washington Post reports.

Henriquez positively identified Floyd from a photo array, and he served 5 years in prison for the crime.


Corcoran then turned her attention to Joe Biden and his general incompetence when it comes to running America.

“Our head of state served the country and did her job gracefully ensuring a peaceful transition of power just two days before her death aged 96! Your current head of state, can’t even walk up the stairs without falling over or get through a sentence.”

President Joe Biden is incompetent to be certain. He struggles to run our nation with the same energy and success of his predecessor. He has none of the grace, charisma, or commitment to service of Queen Elizabeth II.

Corcoran ended her rant by asking for an invitation to Tucker Carlson's show, where she could continue to own the woke left.

We cannot agree more — these woke Americans need education now more than ever. It is wonderful to see patriots all over the globe waking up to the chaos the woke left has caused to our great country.