BRICS Summit

Aug 22, 2023 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I don’t claim to be an economist.

And I certainly don’t make any assumptions about being prescient. 

But, when I make a prediction –

And, then, the very next morning, I get an email from the swami extraordinaire Jim Rickards saying almost the exact same thing (far more astutely, I might add)…

Well, I think that is worth sharing with Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots, who I know always like to stay a light year ahead of coming events. 

So, first, please take a look at the short video commentary, embedded above, about the BRICS Summit I did last last evening and posted on Constitutional Rights PAC social media…

And, then, please read Jim’s incisive, revealing column filling in the details about how the Summit, which starts today in South Africa, could soon spell an end to US dollar hegemony (or, as some would now say, thanks to Toxic Joe Biden, “tyranny”).

Please take note, and as an always astute Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot, prepare accordingly!