BREAKING UPDATE: President Trump draws MASSIVE crowd of nearly 100,000: city of Wildwood

May 11, 2024 | Political News

Donald Trump’s rally that is being held at Wildwood Beach in New Jersey has drawn around 100,000 attendees.

Trump's press secretary Karline Leavitt posted online saying that there was a crowd of “more than 100,000 in Wildwood, NJ” for the rally. 

According to a city official who spoke with the Associated Press and has seen dozens of events at the location before, the number of attendees fell between 80,000-100,000 at the rally. The figures significantly surpasses the initial estimate of up to 40,000 and would make it the largest rally for Trump's 2024 campaign thus far. 

Taking place between Morey’s Piers and Adventure Pier, the event marked Trump's first return to the city for a rally since 2020 and served as the first major rally in the New York area since 2016. 

Trump’s iconic red “Make America Great Again” hats were seen throughout the crowd of thousands on the beach who proudly sported the signature merchandise. 

Earlier reports highlighted the enthusiasm among supporters, with fans of the presumptive GOP nominee lining up as early as Thursday in anticipation of hearing him speak at the rally. A number of supporters arrived early Saturday morning to throw tailgate parties prior to Trump's appearance. 

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