BREAKING UPDATE: Hundreds of arrests as riot police clear UCLA’s Gaza camp, at least one officer injured

May 2, 2024 | Political News

Police moved in on the UCLA campus early Thursday morning and made hundreds arrests to clear the Gaza camp protest. This occurred after authorities warned that the encampment was “unlawful” and that everyone must leave the area. 

During Thursday morning, police made hundreds of arrests after a standoff with the rioters, according to NBC News. At least one officer was injured. 

Police took control of the whole area at around 8:30 am eastern time, per Anthony Cabassa's reporting. 

Police broke down the walls and makeshift barriers to the encampment to make the arrests. 

As the LAPD moved into the area, the Gaza camp protesters and rioters moved to put up a new barrier.  

California Highway Patrol (CHP) riot police were also on the scene to help clear the encampment on campus.  

CHP was seen tearing down tents and forcing other rioters and protesters out of the encampment. 

According to Fox 11, the Los Angeles Police Department was placed on tactical alert Wednesday night. At approximately 10:05 pm, officers in riot gear could be seen marching towards the activist encampment which has been on the campus for 2 weeks. The AP reported that the police spent hours threatening arrests over loudspeakers before they moved in. 

Buses typically used to transport suspects when arrested en masse were also seen next to the university. California Highway Patrol officers gathered outside of the encampment. The officers brought with them zip ties, crowd control gear, and non-lethal weapons. 

Video showed hundreds of activists descending on the campus to repel the police and activists fortifying their positions. 

On Tuesday night, campus security stood down and law enforcement was nowhere to be found as pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists skirmished following a Jewish girl being beaten unconscious earlier in the day by the anti-Israel activists in the encampment. 

Both sides allegedly fought each other with fists, placards, and anything else available. Fireworks were even launched at activists during the riot. 

According to The Federated University Police Officers’ Association (FUPOA), “The decisions regarding the response of the UC Police rest firmly in the hands of campus leadership. They shoulder the accountability for the outcomes stemming from these decisions, not the UC Police Department.” 

LAPD issued the following statement in response to Tuesday's campus chaos: 

“Last night, the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as several other state and local law enforcement agencies, responded to the UCLA campus. UCLA requested mutual aid after reports of violent clashes between protesters. Once mutual aid resources were formed and coordinated, they separated the two groups. No arrests were made, no force was used, and no officers were injured. The Los Angeles Police Department, along with other local law-enforcement agencies, will remain in the area to ensure public safety until the situation is resolved.” 

The university’s president Michael Drake added that following the violence, “There were a reported 15 injuries, including one hospitalization. The situation has been stabilized and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block has reiterated that, having declared the encampment unlawful yesterday, he will dismantle it at the appropriate time.” 

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