BREAKING: Texas judge orders RELEASE of illegal immigrants accused of assaulting troops during violent storming of El Paso border

Mar 31, 2024 | Political News

On Sunday, a Texas judge ordered the release of illegal immigrants who were arrested during the recent viral storming of the border in El Paso, in which they rushed and assaulted National Guard troops while attempting to illegally enter the US.

Presiding Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered the release during an an online teleconference bond hearing, per the El Paso Times.

“It is the ruling of the court is that all the rioting participation cases will be released on their own recognizance,” Acosta ordered.

Judge Acosta criticized the El Paso District Attorney's Office for not being prepared to move forward with detention hearings for each defendant. On Monday, there will likely be another hearing for additional accused individuals.

This comes after Texas authorities arrested 79 illegal immigrants last week on misdemeanor riot charges in connection with the violent storming of the border.

An official with Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) told the NYP that ICE is holding more than 200 illegal immigrants in connection to the incident but federal authorities “are not being as cooperative as Border Patrol,” which means that charging them will come as a challenge.

The number of immigrants detained on suspicion of “riot participation,” a Class B misdemeanor, is unclear, although Acosta stated that “hundreds of arrestees” were entitled to 48-hour hearings in individual custody.

Acosta denied Assistant District Attorney Ashley M. Martinez's plea for a postponement so that the hearings may take place at a later time.

“So if the DA’s office is telling me that they are not ready to go, what we’re going to do is we’re going to release all these individuals on their own recognizance,” Acosta said at the hearing.

The rioting illegal immigrants destroyed state-installed border wire, bringing down troops as they rushed to Gate 36 in the hopes that Border Patrol officials waiting on the other side would apprehend them and grant them entry into the United States.

Soldiers stationed nearby were steering small groups of single adult migrants back into Mexico not long before the border stampede.

Shortly after, the rioters decided to rush the guardsmen.

Several of the rioters had knives and shanks seized by the authorities, a National Guard source told the NYP.

During the encounter, at least one illegal immigrant made an effort to take hold of a soldier's firearm.

A few of the soldiers stationed near Gate 36 that day were taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Since then, Texas has increased the number of National Guard troops and Department of Public Safety troopers stationed in El Paso and increased the amount of border wire in the region to discourage unauthorized crossings and encourage migrants to go to ports of entry.