BREAKING: Steven Crowder moves his show to Rumble, signs new contract

Mar 7, 2023 | Political News

Steven Crowder has joined Rumble, making the announcement on Russell Brand's Stay Free.

Crowder, who recently made waves in the conservative and free speech media space after leaving The Blaze, entertaining an offer from The Daily Wire, then very publicly rejecting it, will be launching his Mug Club on Rumble on March 20.

Crowder said that in addition to his own content, the Mug Club will be adding more talent and programming. Brand asked Crowder why he decided to come to Rumble, where Brand has moved as well.

Crowder, describing himself as “a basic bitch pumpkin spice conservative,” said his preference for Rumble was due to the fact that Rumble has never coming and “tried to dictate content.” Crowder also said he wants to be on a platform where he can “speak truth,” as opposed to being censored by YouTube. 

In a Twitter clip, Crowder showed himself signing the contract at Rumble's offices. “Betting on ourselves, and Rumble is a hedge on those bets,” Crowder said.

Donald Trump Jr. recently launched his exclusive podcast on Rumble, a free-speech alternative to YouTube that went public in late 2021.