BREAKING: Rep. Mike Gallagher will not seek reelection after backlash over Mayorkas impeachment vote

Feb 10, 2024 | Political News

GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher, who voted not to impeach DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas will not seek reelection after Republican Chairmen in Wisconsin sent him a memo that they may seek other candidates.

In an interview, Gallagher said, “I really just feel like I’ve accomplished much more than I even thought I could when I set out, and I firmly don’t believe that the best use for the next chapter of my career is staying in Congress for another decade.”

“Even though my title may change, my job may change, my mission is always going to remain the same,” he said. “My mission is to prevent World War III. I’ve dedicated myself to restoring conventional deterrence in order to prevent a war with China, and so whatever I do next will be an extension of that mission.”

On Tuesday, amidst the ongoing illegal immigration crisis, Congressional Republican lawmakers were not able to clinch a vote to impeach Mayorkas. Gallagher was one of the three Republicans who voted in oppposition to the impeachment. He then wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed to explain his reasoning.

On Friday, after receiving backlash from Wisconsin constituents, a memo obtained by the Post Milennial that was sent from two Wisconsin GOP chairmen to Gallagher stated that his actions were a “disappointment.”

“We have all seen the Wall Street Journal piece and have had conversations with your staff on the reasonings behind your decision, we respectfully disagree. It has been very clear to us that our constituents also disagree, and at the end of the day that's who we represent. This was a moment to unite the district between party leaders and our congressman. We can not put into words how disappointing this situation has been,” the memo read.