BREAKING: Maine mass shooting suspect Robert Card found dead: sources

Oct 27, 2023 | Political News

The individual suspected of carrying out the tragic massacre in Lewiston, Maine, resulting in the death of 18 individuals, has been discovered deceased, NBC10 Boston reports. The manhunt for Robert Card had persisted for several days subsequent to the mass shootings at the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

Authorities affirm that there is no remaining threat in Maine, as Card has been located and confirmed deceased. This development brings some relief following days of heightened apprehension and tension, triggered by the search for an armed and dangerous individual in connection with the deaths of 18 people and the injury of 13 others.

Earlier imposed shelter-in-place directives in Androscoggin County and parts of neighboring Sagadahoc County were lifted on Friday, marking a gradual return to normalcy for the affected communities. Further updates are expected as the investigation into this tragic event continues to unfold.

Card was a trained firearms instructor believed to be in the Army Reserve and was stationed out of Saco, Maine.

Card threatened to shoot up the National Guard Base where he was stationed and was “hearing voices.” Sources told the New York Post that over the summer, Card was committed to a mental health facility and was released after two weeks. This would typically result in the person in question would be banned from owning or possessing firearms.

On Thursday, authorities found a cryptic note that was left Card's home. Police have been working to find a possible motive and the FBI along with a multi-agency task force descended upon the home of Card's parents in Bowdoin earlier in the day.

Law enforcement officials have not yet released the details on the contents found inside the note, according to NBC New York.

The multi-agency task force descended upon the home of Card's parents, at which they arrived on Thursday evening in SWAT armored vehicles, black SUVs, FBI-branded vehicles, and Maine state police cruisers.