BREAKING: Kirk Cameron’s Freedom Tour to feature women’s sports champions Riley Gaines and Bethany Hamilton

Feb 24, 2023 | Political News

Kirk Cameron's Freedom Tour is making a stop in Henderson, Tenn. on Saturday, featuring two outstanding women athletes Riley Gaines, a University of Kentucky college swim champion who was nominated for athlete of the year, and Bethany Hamilton, a champion surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack at a young age.

Gaines made waves in the sport of swimming when she competed against UPenn's Lia Thomas. Thomas is a biological male who, at over 6 feet tall and after taking estrogen for while, determined that competing in female sports was more in line with Thomas' identity than competing against men. Thomas went on to break records at the NCAA national championships in Atlanta in 2022.

Gaines balked after tying for fifth place in one competition with Thomas, when the NCAA determined that Thomas should get the trophy and the accolades, while Gaines was sent home to wait for her trophy to arrive in the mail.

Hamilton recently stood up for women athletes and stated outright that she would boycott the World Surf League for their allowing trans-identified biological males to compete against women.

“Bethany has always been an inspiration to so many,” Gaines told The Post Millennial of the appearance with Hamilton, “but when she took a firm stance against the World Surf League's new guidelines that allowed males to compete against women, my admiration for her quadrupled. We need more courageous people like her to stand tall in their beliefs.”

Cameron will be reading his book As You Grow, a children's book out from Brave Books based in Christian values. The readings Cameran and Brave have held across the country have drawn huge crowds of parents and kids who are hungry for a message based in morality and letting kids be kids.

When Cameron and Brave first reached out to libraries to request they host the readings, just as so many libraries host story hours where children are read books about gender identity and “trans kids” by drag queens, some 55 libraries outright refused.

Brave went ahead with the reading series, and as the project has grown, more and more people have come out to join Cameron, parents and kids in celebrating a wholesome message that has nothing to do with pronouns, identifiers, or sex changes.

“We are hearing cries from the parents for us to come and not only read this book, but give parents ways that they can join the fight to take back the hearts and minds of their children,” Cameron told The Post Millennial.

“The mission of Brave Books equips young children with the tools and spirit to fight the very real war being waged for the hearts and minds of the next generation,” Gaines said. “I am honored to be a part of restoring sanity, common sense, and morals to a nation that needs these so desperately.”