BREAKING: Jailed journalist Owen Shroyer faces 30 DAYS in solitary confinement

Nov 6, 2023 | Political News

Jailed journalist Owen Shroyer of Infowars is now facing an additional 30 days in solitary confinement, a post from Shroyer's X account reveals. The additional 30 days of solitary confinement, combined with the time he's already served in that form of punishment, will mean that when his term is up, he will have spent more than half of his sentence in solitary.

“UPDATE,” the post reads. “We have received a tip indicating that Owen is now facing 30 days in solitary confinement. He has been moved to another building on the FCI Oakdale prison grounds. We have still not been able to communicate directly. This is the only information we have at this time.”

Shroyer was put in solitary confinement for five days upon arrival at the prison due to the facility's Covid policies, and then spent additional time in solitary confinement after the audio of a phone call from prison was released on X as a message to his followers.

He is serving a 60 day sentence after being convicted on charges stemming from J6. He was speaking outside Congress that day, and did not enter the building. The Department of Justice was able to prosecute him due to a previous deferred prosecution agreement that prevented him from using “loud, threatening, or abusive language, or to engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct, at any place upon the United States Capitol Grounds.” 

While outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Shroyer said “Democrats are posing as communists, but we know what they really are: They're just tyrants; they're tyrants.”

“And so today, on Jan. 6, we declare death to tyranny!” He said. Proclaiming an end to tyranny in the American republic was apparently threatening, abusive, disorderly and disruptive to Joe Biden's Department of Justice.

“That year 1776 is extremely important not just because it was the founding year of our country, but the US government is arguing that it's illegal for me to say 1776 in Washington, DC,” he said in a video message after he was sentenced.

“Don't believe me?” Shroyer asked. “Check the US government sentencing memo for yourself. They said that me chanting ‘1776' in Washington, DC is worthy of 60 days in prison.” The sentence  was handed down by US District Judge Timothy Kelly.

That deferred prosecution was after charged were laid over his having spoken up in Congress during a 2019 Judiciary Committee Hearing. The DOJ claimed he “shouted in a loud manner.”