BREAKING: House fails to impeach DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas

Feb 6, 2024 | Political News

In a 214 to 216 vote, the House voted against the impeachment of Biden's DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The impeachment motion was brought by House Republicans who are fed up with Mayorkas' handling of the US-Mexico border, across which millions of illegal immigrants have been admitted entry under Mayorkas' watch.

Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene has been fighting to impeach Mayorkas for months. She's brought a motion to impeach many times and has been rebuffed each time. Republicans who voted against impeachment were Colorado's Ken Buck, Wisconsin's Mike Gallagher, California's Tom McClintock, and Utah's Blake Moore, who switched his vote from yea to nay at the last moment, which enables Republicans to bring up a Motion to Reconsider at a later time for a fresh vote.

Moore's vote against impeachment changed the vote from a tie to one in which he was a part of the majority.

Republicans in Congress voted to remove former New York congressman George Santos at the end of 2023, who likely would have voted in favor of impeachment.

Greene and others in the GOP have been outspoken against Mayorkas and the illegal immigration crisis that has come to define his time in office. She brought a motion in November to impeach Mayorkas and a House committee approved a plan to do so earlier this week.

Mayorkas is in favor of a border deal proposed by leaders in the Senate that would increase the number of illegal immigrants able to be processed through the border and decrease the time it takes for their asylum cases to be approved. The bill would also give more benefits and resources to illegal immigrants. The bill primarily funds the wars in Ukraine and Israel.

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