BREAKING: Georgia educator caught illegally pushing CRT by Project Veritas claims his comments were ‘taken out of context’

Jan 19, 2023 | Political News

On Thursday, Project Veritas released the third part in their expose of Teaching Lab Director Dr. Quinton Bostic, who had previously been revealed to be selling critical race theory curriculum to schools in Georgia despite the state’s ban on the teaching subject. 

In part 3 of the investigation, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe sat down with Bostic to confront him on the comments he said to the group’s undercover journalist. 

When asked about his comment of being an “evil salesman,” Bostic said, “it’s just a word I use.”

O’Keefe asked if words “have any meaning” to Bostic, like evil, which Bostic replied by saying “it depends on what culture you’re in.”

In response to a clip of Bostic confirming that his curriculum has critical race theory in it, Bostic said.

During one of his conversations with the journalist, Bostic said that he would get “nailed” if what he did was revealed. When speaking with O’Keefe though, he said that he didn’t think this would happen, and that “I do good work.”

Bostic later said that he doesn’t think “what I’m doing is against the law,” adding that if that’s what is determined by the state, “we’ll figure out how to navigate around it.”