BREAKING: Columbia threatens to expel Gaza camp students who stormed and occupied Hamilton Hall

Apr 30, 2024 | Political News

On Tuesday, Columbia University announced that it would be acting against pro-Palestinian protestors who have “chosen to escalate the situation” by not only refusing to listen to officials, but going on to occupy an administrative building on campus. 

Students who took part in the occupation have been threatened with expulsion, and those who participated in the encampment face suspension. 

“We made it very clear yesterday that the work of the University cannot be endlessly interrupted by protesters who violate the rules,” Columbia said in a statement. “Continuing to do so will be met with clear consequences. Protesters have chosen to escalate to an untenable situation—vandalizing property, breaking doors and windows, and blockading entrances—and we are following through with the consequences we outlined yesterday.” 

The school made it clear that “students occupying the building face expulsion.” 

“Protesters were informed that their participation in the encampment violated numerous University policies,” the statement continued. “We gave everyone at the encampment the opportunity to leave peacefully. By committing to abide by University policies, they would be allowed to complete the semester.” 

Students who failed to commit to the terms offered, however, “are now being suspended.” 
“Those students,” the university explained, “will be restricted from all academic and recreational spaces and may only access their individual residence. Seniors will be ineligible to graduate.” 

This is a developing story and will be updated.