BREAKING: Biden temporarily stopped from removing Texas’ border barriers

Oct 30, 2023 | Political News

A federal judge has halted the Biden administration's move to prevent Texas from securing its southern border. Texas, which has installed razor wire and other barriers to prevent illegal immigrants from flooding into the country, has raised the ire of the Biden administration for having the gall to keep America safe from mass migration.

Texas installed wire and buoy barriers only for Biden's Border Patrol to remove or cut those barriers. Now, a federal judge has said that, at least temporarily, Biden can't get in Texas' way.

The State of Texas has taken up suit against the US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, and the officials that head those agencies, demanding a restraining order to prevent them from meddling in the state's border protection efforts.

The motion for a temporary restraining order was granted until such time as “the parties have an opportunity to present evidence at a preliminary injunction hearing before the court.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared his intention to build a border wall, while the Biden administration has let in nearly 7 million illegal immigrants since taking office in January 2021. By contrast, during Trump's last year in office, less than 500,000 illegal immigrants made it through the border.

Biden has not heeded calls from border states or from the major metropolitan cities such as New York, where immigrants flood to the tune of some 10,000 per month, to get the border situation under control. Instead, his administration flies people in from all over the place, drops them off with free cell phones and court dates years into the future, and then will give them work permits 180 days after their application for asylum. This despite the fact that DHS has said that most people will be found ineligible for asylum. They are admitted anyway.

In July, the Biden administration demanded that Texas remove barriers in the Rio Grande River that separates Mexico from the US. The White House called the barriers a “political stunt.”

Abbott defended the move, saying that if the federal government took real responsibility for the crisis and enacted some real solutions the wire would not be necessary.