BREAKING: Bandcamp removes Timcast, Five Times August from platform

Mar 7, 2023 | Political News

Bandcamp has pulled musician and YouTuber Timcast's music from the platform without a word, warning, or reason. Pool announced the removal on Twitter after being unable to find out why the music was taken down, and told The Post Millennial that he was unable to get any reason from Bandcamp as to why his three songs was taken down.

Five Times August, another musician, saw their catalog wiped from Bandcamp. “I had been on the site about ten years,” Fives Times August told The Post Millennial, “my entire catalogue of music and my artist page scrubbed. I re-registered to claim my artist page again but have only put back one album for now. I wrote them about it, haven’t heard anything and from what I understand no other artists who this happened to have ever heard back either.” 

Pool has seen musical success of late with his song Only Ever Wanted, featuring former Offspring drummer Pete Paranda, which hit number 2 on iTunes within a day of the release in August. The song was written and performed by Pool with Parada on drums. It was produced by Carter Banks. Parada was kicked out of The Offspring after 14 years because he refused to get the Covid vaccine.

Pool's song Genocide, taking aim at corporate media, hit number 1 on iTunes. The music video “pays tribute to the brave journalistic practices of a number of honorable reporters including Taylor Lorenz, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon.” The song eclipsed Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero and is now Number One on the iTunes charts. Also removed from the platform was Pool's song Will of the People, released in 2020.

Both Pool and Five Times August are outspoken about their political views and perspectives, and they do not hue to the going dictates of the progressive left.

Bandcamp has been reached for comment.